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Businesses are just as vulnerable to fires, floods, and other catastrophes, plus other costly events, such as theft, fraud, and injuries. A lot is at stake—livelihoods, investments, and financial costs—for all those involved. We appreciate the complexity of commercial claims and the broad impact they can have.   

Our experienced adjusters are well versed in basic, broad, and special form policy literature for commercial claims. We handle commercial claims involving everything from strip malls to multi-level business properties to malls and large-sized apartment complexes. With the depth and breadth of experience and quality of adjusters that we have, we are able to address any commercial claim loss regardless of the policy type, including commercial property, business personal property, construction defect claims, third party claims, business interruption, product liability, and professional liability. 

We understand that there are one-time catastrophes that demand special attention, as well as more routine claims that must be maintained, which is why we have separated our Catastrophe and Daily divisions. We also offer on-site and remote desk adjusting resources, examiners, and support staff for our carrier-partners. We endeavor to respond as quickly as possible, be responsive, and be efficient in all stages of the claims process. 

We understand that just because a policy is a commercial policy that doesn’t mean there are not still people involved. We work with people. We communicate and we listen.