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Southwest Adjusters: A National Reach with a Personal Touch

Southwest Adjusters is a company with a national reach, but we aren’t the biggest adjusting firm out there—and that’s a good thing.

It means we are more mobile, more flexible, and have greater availability. 

“We provide a level of service to our clients that they can’t receive anywhere else,” said Brian Jones, Director of Field Services at Southwest Adjusters. “There’s very few other independent adjusting firms that you can call anytime because you have an issue and somebody’s going to be there. Somebody’s going to take care of it—we will figure out a way to have an adjuster out there as soon as possible.”

We like to keep things personal here. That means that we care as much about the insureds as our carrier clients who insure them.

“These people’s lives have just been turned upside down, particularly in a catastrophe,” Jones said. 

Often, our adjusters are the first people that the victims of a hurricane or other natural disaster will see. They often bring water, blankets, batteries, flashlights, and ready-to-eat meals to an insured’s home. “They’re not required to do that, and I suspect the other adjusting firms don’t do that. They want to get in there, get the claim done, and get out,” Jones said. 

But, for Southwest Adjusters, it’s not about the bottom line.

“That’s not what it’s about for us, any way, shape, or form,” Jones said. “It’s about providing a level of service because we are in this with our carrier clients and with their insureds.”

We also care a great deal about our adjusters. “We consider what a hurricane experience is for our adjuster just as important as what a hurricane experience is for our clients or for their insureds,” Jones said. 

Southwest Adjusters’ relationship with our adjusters has helped us to build a network of reliable adjusters across the country. Although we are a mid-sized firm, we handle disasters and other losses in every part of the country—we’ve responded to wildfires in California, tornadoes in the Midwest, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, and blizzards in New England.

Our relationship with our adjusters allows us to deliver fast and reliable service. “I can dial in for our clients the amount of adjusters we need, how long, the amount of time that it’s going to take us to cycle through, and it inevitably exceeds their service metric,” Jones said.