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Our trained team is experienced in all types of losses relating to recreational vehicles and trailers. Our roster includes experienced and season RV adjusters who have been able to address all our RV and trailer claims with success. 

We have experience in handling all types of RVs and trailers. Our national network of specialized adjusters is able to respond quickly and efficiently to all types of claims and losses. We deliver superior customer service to the insured owner of a recreational vehicle while also serving the needs of our carrier partners. 

We handle claims for all types of damage, whether natural disasters such as wind, hail, and water damage, or manmade, like vandalism or arson.  There are also some issues exclusive to recreational vehicles and trailers. Specific sizes and fittings inherent in the industry can sometimes prove to be a challenge when writing estimates as not all sizes and types are standard throughout the industry. Southwest’s adjusters and their experience have been steeped in effective resolution of RV and trailer claims. 

Our innovative web-based claim handling software and use of the latest technology allows immediate and seamless communication and interaction between client, adjuster, and senior management. Additionally, this software interface enables instant updates following a disaster, event management solutions, and the dissemination of directives as needed.

We understand how costly the loss of a RV or trailer can be to the owner and go above and beyond to manage their claims carefully and efficiently. Our team of adjusters prides themselves on their professionalism as well as their dedication to helping people affected by disasters and unforeseen losses.