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Our expert team is adept at handling all types of losses relating to watercrafts. We help steer the insured through the claims process. With experienced and seasoned watercraft adjusters on our roster, we have been able to address all of our watercraft claims with success. We combine our practical knowledge of boats and other watercraft with our expertise in understanding insurance policy terms to deliver the best results for our carriers, while delivering exemplary customer service that addresses all the concerns of the insured. 

Boats and other watercraft face many of the same hazards and losses covered in other types of insurance, like fire, hail, and other weather-related damage. Boats in particular are vulnerable to storms and other events out on the sea, whether lightning strikes or hurricanes and other large-scale natural disasters that can cause serious damage or sink a boat, resulting in a total loss. We also handle losses resulting from collisions, accidents, and other similar unforeseen events that can occur while on the water. 

Our national network of experienced adjusters is able to immediately respond to situations involving boats and other watercraft. Our on-site adjusters document the causes and extent of damage, as well as all other factors and circumstances related to the claim. We work closely with our on-desk examiners to quickly resolve claims with the highest degree of expertise and professionalism. We deliver the best possible results for the insured and insurance carriers.