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We handle large losses stemming from fires, weather events, and other catastrophes and incidents. Southwest Adjusters is knowledgeable in full investigations and promise professional and courteous communication with all involved parties no matter how complex the claim.

Large losses are handled in much the same way as any loss, albeit with an increased dollar amount there is more risk and exposure. Our adjusters address these concerns accordingly to make sure that reserves are sent to our clients immediately. Oftentimes, our adjusters will contact the carrier representative while even on site to work together according to the customer’s guidelines.  

While every loss is a ‘large’ one for individual customers, in industry terms a large loss is usually defined as a claim at $100,000 or more. The definition of a large loss can be a moving target because it includes the direct loss as well as the possible loss of income, business interruption, and the potential for subrogation.  

We handle large losses with the same professionalism, personalism, and effectiveness that we do with any of our claims. We hand pick the adjusters assigned to these losses to pair up with their level of experience and location area. Each of the files have supervisors assigned who are equipped to aid and assist the file to completion making sure the reports are timely and adequately define and document the damages. On larger losses, the adjusters call the desk examiner to verbally describe the damages seen and advise them of the severity of damages with an estimated amount to set aside for reserves, followed by a short report with photos so they can see the extent of damages for themselves.